The BMW Zagato Coupe

BMW Pairs with Zagato for Stunning Coupe

Milan coachbuilder Zagato and BMW are teaming up to introduce the BMW Zagato Coupe this weekend at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Don't look for the BMW Zagato Coupe to grace the showroom of your local BMW dealer any time soon. It's a one-off model that is the product of many hours of skilled hand-craftsmanship. BMW says it " breathes new life into the tradition of coachbuilding."

However, just because it's a one-off doesn't mean it's a concept. It's registered for road use and meets worldwide standards. It is relatively easy to build a design study which is not intended for use on the road. Not having to meet any stipulations governing crash safety or pedestrian protection opens up a host of new avenues in terms of design,” said Dr. Andrea Zagato, the head of Zagato. “The challenge lies in injecting the emotional appeal of a concept car into a road-legal machine. And we think we have succeeded in doing just that with the BMW Zagato Coupé.”

The body of the BMW Zagato Coupé has been built entirely by hand. As in the past, the new skin was tailored to fit the car’s mechanical architecture, tracing its lines yet giving it space to breathe. The Zagato experts spent many hours crafting the aluminum sheet metal by hand and meticulously molding it to give the car its unique form.

From the side, the BMW Zagato Coupé displays the pared down, clearly defined distribution of visual mass for which Zagato is renowned, blended with the familiar surface treatment and design language of a BMW. Its coupé design also necessitated a new roofline, which highlights the car’s potential with impressive fluidity and dynamic élan.


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