Bentley Mulsanne Jubilee honors Queen Elizabeth

Bentley Offers Special Way To Honor Queen's Jubilee

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Bentley has decided to honor Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary on the throne with 60 special diamond jubilee Mulsannes.

Bentley and its decidedly upscale customers in Beijing celebrated the Queen Elizabeth's birthday and her Diamond Jubilee year at the gala opening of one of the world’s largest Bentley dealerships - a new landmark in the cosmopolitan Sanlitun district. To mark the occasion, Bentley unveiled the first example of its Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition.

According to a Bentley news release, the car is designed by the craftsmen and women of Bentley’s Mulliner division, the creators of the State Limousine presented to Queen Elizabeth II in 2002. Just 60 examples (naturally) of the Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition have been created with each car representing a year of Her Majesty’s reign. (Don't give me the 1997 edition – that's when Princess Diana died, which wasn't one of the Queen's shining moments.)

These special Bentleys are distinguished by a range of exquisite, handcrafted features paying tribute to the Jubilee. These include bespoke embroidery to all four headrests using gold stitching, veneered picnic tables in the rear cabin decorated with a gold overlay depicting a royal carriage used for great occasions of state as well as luxurious, hide cushions featuring the same motif.


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