EPA lags behind Europe in CO2 standards

World Toughest CO2 Emission Targets

When it comes to tough CO2 emissions, we trail other countries and Europe is again reviewing tougher mandates, effectively becoming the world’s toughest CO2 emission continent.

The dynamics are different in Asia, Europe and the US. While Europe imposes tough taxes on gasoline at the pump, we are fairly lax with ours. While we are not facing yet the petroleum shortage problem and critical pollution levels, what are we doing to curb our CO2 appetite?

The Boys Outside. Strangely enough, our carmakers have economical cars outside the US. But unfortunately, not all are available here. Ford understood this and started using the smaller European engine, slapping on direct-injection and turbo compressing them for more efficiency. Calling this line the EcoBoost worked so well, a V6 now replaces a naturally aspirated V8 with less consumption and the same, if not better horsepower. The same thing applies to its 4 cylinders that replace naturally aspirated V6. GM also has a frugal Cruze and the nice looking Sonic sedan, all with its EcoTec engines.


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Since CO2 doesn't mean anything, I don't see why we're bothering controlling it. No climate models have successfully predicted CO2-based warming, historical charts linking CO2 to warming have been seriously questioned, and there's no actual "consensus" on AGW. So controlling CO2 emissions is nothing more than politics.
Hish now boy, you might just get some people to question things! None the less, it's not a bad, pushes technology forward, albeit at a premium and I still plenty of debate as to whether or not the models point in one direction or the other. Six of this, half of a dozen of that.
I just think that given the unilateral agreement on other types of emissions, such as NOx and PM, that those should be a little more of a priority. This CO2 fetish is like requiring everyone to buy scent trees because there's a chance that those 700 monkeys writing Shakespeare might all fart at once.
You're right, it would be nice to have the rest of the toxic cocktail of chemicals added to the list, but at least, it's getting there. I don't see too many governments talking about them either. I guess we have our work cut out :)