Julien Welsch on a daily routine to work

Motorcycle Acrobatics That Will Make You Wish You Could Do It

Julien Welsch knows motorcycles, he lives motorcycles, he breathes them and he can do acrobatics you and I can only dream of.

I contacted Julien Welsch after seeing some very impressive acrobatics on his motorcycle. I wondered what is the lifestyle of someone who routinely rides on one wheel while pulling wheelies and doing stoppies is about common as morning breakfast.

Julien, how did you get started with pulling stunts on motorcycles? Acrobatics on bikes became a trend in France 9 years ago. A lot of magazine started to post wheelies, stoppies, and crazy acrobatics pictures. Finally, a book even came out. Many French riders began to try it on the road and the phenomenon took off. I met a French team and decided to try it out for myself. My first wheelies and stoppies were of epic proportion, but after much training it began to look better and better. Unfortunately, many of my friends had serious injuries since we practiced on roads. We started to ride in safer place with no cars, or people, but just friends, crash and fun.


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