Mitsubishi Oultander plug-in hybrid lets you choose

Mitsubishi Promises To Kick The Petroleum Habit

Mitsubishi has boldly announced its cars will have some sort of electric drive propulsion system across its line by 2016.

Surprising Mitsubishi. Sometimes the smaller car manufacturers surprise us the most. Maybe this is due to the fact that they are smaller, nimbler and more in touch with reality than the bigger car builders around. So should Mitsubishi’s bold claim to electrify its car line up in four years be that surprising? Not necessarily so.

4 Years To Prove Yourself. Four years is a relatively short time in the automobile industry. It took 5 years to design a car from scratch on an average 20 years ago. It still takes 3 years currently. Mitsubishi’s decision is a testament to how serious it feels about its engineers and team to pull it through. So what does this mean for the next 4 years?

Mitsubishi Outlander. The new Mitsubishi SUV Outlander is due out this year but the real news is the follow up on the 2008 fantastic prototype of it i MiEV II Outlander platform. Mitsubishi’s plug-in platform showed the best of all worlds. A tantalizing plug-in hybrid, PHEV that lets you choose when to drive in pure electric mode, when to use gasoline only and when to let the hybrid mode do it all. The jewel was the smart active system that determined when the vehicle would function as a series plug-in hybrid or parallel.


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hats off to mitsubishi :)
It's funny, a few years ago, I was interested in the Subaru/Mitsubishi rally duel favoring Subaru. Now, Mitsubishi has completely jumped in front of Subaru by embracing the electric drive. They have a very smart and intelligent way of going forward and I think the Outlander PHEV will be terrific.