The newly update Maserati Grand Sports

Maserati Updates The Grand Sports With Performance

Maserati upgrades its niche Grand Sport with more power and intelligent use of high end technology making it an even more desirable car.

There are cars… and then, there are cars. Maserati is different. Maserati has always been different. It’s for the discriminating aficionado who wants luxury, elegance and performance but without splashing it to the world. If you want to be seen and drive a red performance car, Ferrari will give you all that and more. But, if you want to be a little bit more inconspicuous without sacrificing performance, then Maserati is your car. Originally Maserati was about racing, period. Reluctantly and to bring a certain amount of cash flow to the company, the Maserati brothers started making unique hand built road cars that rivaled Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. After decades, the company was sold and taken over by the Orsi family. The Maserati brothers went back to their heart passion, that of racing and started the OSCA company, the ultimate little racer. OSCAs were works of art only rivaled by Swiss watch-making know-how. Their V12 2L engines a testament to that savoir faire. What we have today with Maserati is the heritage of classic, yet discreet connoisseur performance car.

Maserati Grand Sport. The Maserati Grand Sports fulfills the same emotional call the illustrious 3500GT, as well as the ultimate 5000GT of the 60’s, the Bora and the breathtaking Ghibli early 70’s super car did. A Maserati transports you in an unmatched world of performance and elegance. The design is what you would expect from the Italian brand, beautiful, elegant yet refined, classic and enough performance to satisfy anyone.


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