Ford's Power of Choice hits the right notes for 99% of commuters

Ford Shows Potential With its Power of Choice

After a day spent behind the wheels of almost every Ford available, my wife and I walked away from it feeling there was a Ford for everyone out there. The trick is to figure out which one is yours.

Our question was simple, does Ford offer a car for every taste or is it stretching itself? Putting this question into context, after having weathered the worse recession ever, Ford is doing a tremendous job.

Everything But The Raptor. Ford brought a few Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Escape, Explorer, Mustang and C-MAX. In order to test Ford’s “Power of Choice” most came in different versions. Only the Fiesta and Rapture were not part of the outing.

Ford’s Focus. The Focus is fun in either gasoline or electric. The ST has plenty of get up and go but its greatest asset is driving it in a civilized manner and accelerating hard, feeling the turbo reveal another aspect of its personality, spritie. The Focus EV still surprises us, even after driven it a few times. It feels solid, like a regular car but with that indescribable EV torque. I interviewed a media person who drove in with a Ferrari 308 GTS about his favorite drive. He had to admit it was the Focus EV. High praises from a Ferrari driver!


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