Ford Go Further shows how the company has gone back to its family feeling

Ford Go Further Shows It's a Family Business

While carmakers struggle to turn a profit at any cost, many fail to see what gets people out to buy cars. Ford reminds us it that automobiles are more than moving vehicles, they are accessibility platforms.

When you write about carmakers, the hardest thing to do is to be objective. By nature we are attracted to certain cars and repulsed by others. When writing about carmakers, being impartial is tricky. Press releases and marketing can often take us on a trip to fantasy land and leave us wondering how much of it is fluff. As much as I felt Ford really understood its mistakes and was working on recapturing what it does best, I wondered how much of it was really true.

Ford Goes Further. Ford differentiates itself from its local competition in many ways but the one they hail is that they are more than a car manufacturing behemoth, it’s a family car company. The differences are subtle and judging by the few days I spent in Dearborn listening to its presentation, talking to its employees and people from around Detroit, Ford has a very positive image there.

What surprised me was the human aspect of the car company. Redefining its car process from a mobility company to an accessibility one is ahead of its competition. According to Bill Ford, Henry Ford was interested in humanistic quests. The company lend a helping hand in Africa at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and other catastrophes around the world. But more so, the original Ford was interested in alternative energies and fabrics. You might also remember Henry Ford taking a sledge hammer to a bumper made out of soy bean.


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