Coast to coast with a Ford Focus Electric

Ford Electric Focus And Men’s Health Tackle The Ultimate American Road Trip For Earth Day

This Earth Day is ideal for electric cars and Ford with two of its Focus Electric and Men’s Health Magazine are about to finish a nationwide road trip with a couple of top professional race car drivers.

Nothing means more than setting a record for clean cars on Earth Day. Indeed, the Men's Health Magazine coast to coast drive in two Ford Focus Electric, will be ending the tour at the Santa Monica Pier today, coinciding with Earth Day.

2012 Electric Car Challenge. Ford and Men’s Health, will rap up their 2012 Electric Car Challenge, the cross-country adventure designed to help maximize the potential of electric vehicles, EV’s. The experience and data gathered will be used to create healthier, more satisfying, and exciting road trip experience over such a distance and further the greater reach of EVs across our nation. It will also raise money for an important cause, the Carry the Load foundation that supports the families of U.S. soldiers who’ve been killed in combat that will be there to greed the team at the arrival. The cross-country course that begun in New York City is ending in Los Angeles on Earth Day with the Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko, X-Games gold medalist Tanner Foust, co-host of Top Gear USA; IndyCar and American Le Mans racer Martin Plowman; and former Navy SEAL commander Coleman Ruiz, executive director of the Carry the Load, will be at the finish line, with yours truly here.


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This is not a record- The record coast to coast EV record is currently held by a Tesla Roadster which made it in 6 days and change. To call this a record is wrong. This EV is not even capable of breaking the record. The authors of Men's Health were fully aware of the Tesla record, but still did this in order to get publicity
Hi Daniel, yes, it seems your Tesla did it in 6 days but at the time of writing this, it wasn't known. As far as whether or not Men's Health knew of it, we'll leave that for them to answer. I'm checking your information and will make the corrections, as needed. Let's keep the focus on electric cars and embrace the adoption factor instead of focusing on who has the best this and that. I think it will do the most for the entire community. Thank you, Nicolas