Ford Fusion Hybrid gets 5 Stars from the NHTSA

Ford Earns Top NHTSA Top Rating For Fusion & Fusion Hybrid

Ford clinches once again awards and top ratings with its Fusion. The company has come back with a vengeance in a few years.

Ford’s success is quite impressive considering where the company was 6 years ago. Its intelligent business model is about leveraging its presence across all vehicle categories, while offering choice with quality. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see the company get top notch ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA either.

A Little Ford History. If you recall the gloomy years of the mid-2000, things weren’t looking good for the Detroit trio. Hungover from decades of exuberant profits and blindly fighting any states imposing stringent emissions controls, Detroit was marching blissfully into oblivion. Then the floor let go and Detroit was caught with nothing to show for, short of a monumental debt that pushed the then administration to bail it out with TARP. Somehow Ford was able to whether the storm a little better without accepting the TARP relief fund. Here is how.

I met with Neil Schloss, VP and & Treasury of Ford a while back and directly asked him if Ford had the insight or was it luck. He told it was a bit of both. Ford renegotiated its loans in 2006, two years before the end of the world for Detroit. But the real trick was how Bill Ford hit it with Alan Mullaly and how the duo revamped Ford’s sagging portfolio. Mullaly saw Ford was only known as the Mustang and F150 maker and with that in mind, he quickly commissioned a mid-size sedan. Thus, the Fusion was born.


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