A smart lease for a Smart car

Smart lowers lease to $99 a Month

You can now have an affordable way to lease the Smart car you have always wanted.

Smart cars rarely leave you feeling neutral. You either get them, or don’t. They’re intriguing, small, highly maneuverable, gas frugal and just plain funky looking. What we might not know about this little car is that it dates back to the late 1980s when it made its introduction on European roads.

A Little European Comes To The U.S.. When the first Smart cars hit our U.S. roads, they turned a lot of heads. Orange County families, eager to show a greener face and drive something different flocked to them. It became a common site on the busy congested 405 highway to see these little two-seaters buzzing by. They were small, practical and gas friendly for its time.

Over time they evolved very little, shedding the top to offer a somewhat convertible version. It even now has an electric version, thanks to the Penske group responsible for its sale. I test drove it and still find it to be a good little commuter, yes, even on highways.


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