Infrared to heat cars

BMW Turns On The Infrared Heating

If traditional heating systems work fine with a hot running internal combustion engine, electric vehicles need a work around. BMW is developing an infrared heating system.

Internal combustion engines, ICE waste up to 66% of their energy in heat dissipation and friction. That’s why running a heater in a gasoline-powered car is easy. The heat created by the engine is recouped into a radiator heating the passenger cabin. When it comes to electric vehicles, EV, heating needs to be redesigned.

Traditional EV Heating. The difficulty for electric cars is using as little electricity as possible to run auxiliaries, such as light, stereo and thermal management. Traditionally heating systems on hybrids and electric cars is done via resistors, which drains electrons away from powering the car. BMW has an intelligent approach that should save energy and heat you up quickly.

Infrared Heating Sources. You know those infrared light bulbs on top of food at lunch and dinner buffets? Well, BMW wants to use a similar technology to heat up the cabin with their electric cars. Working on an experimental system using infrared for heating, the company feels it can achieve the same results in a much more fuel-efficient and precise manner. This means exceptionally good news for extending the range of its upcoming plug-in hybrid, PHEV i8 and pure electric car, the i3.


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