The BMW i8

BMW Pumps The Electric i3 And PHEV i8 Excitement

The groundbreaking BMW i3 and i8 are exciting, break the mold from the company’s traditional designs and are finally headed for production.

BMW is growing its range of electric cars, EV and plug-in hybrids, PHEV after its initial and pragmatic stunts in the electric propulsion arena. With the revelation a few years back of its stunning i8, it also introduced a more sober all-electric city car i3 that will also be available with a hybrid option. While many only expected those two cars to stay at the concept stage, it seems the Bavarian company has gotten serious about producing them. Both cars are stated for production sometime around 2014, with the i3 eventually coming earlier. In order to keep the momentum going and the enthusiasm pouring, the Munich-based carmaker wants to be sure consumers see the brand as serious about the electric drive platform by releasing a new official video showing off the i3 and the i8.


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