BMW's Born Electric Tour starts in NY next month

BMW Brings i3 and i8 To The U.S.

After having been shown in London, Paris, then around the world the i8 Spyder will come to North America in a few weeks. BMW is bringing the i3 and i8 and the "Born Electric" to the U.S.

They’re here… And so BMW is making good on years of research in order to jumpstart the electric and plug-in hybrid competition globally. What hasn’t been said about BMW’s all-electric i3 and its stunning plug-in hybrid, PHEV i8 that hasn’t already been said? Cool? Funky? Breathtaking? How about gutsy! BMW has shown some truly thinking outside the box when it comes to embracing the electric drive.

The Born Electric Tour. Take your pick, we’ve talked about all aspects of the BMW i technology. In this article, we talked about the i3 “spy shot”. In this one, we talked about how the cars were built using an ingenious mix of light sturdy materials and how BMW is trying to make that at an affordable price, and finally here, we find out about the price of the i8, don’t get too psyched, this is a high-end BMW after all.


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But will it be a re-badged Mitsubishi i?? :)
The proud Bavarian BMW? Ya gotta be kindin'!