3,600 miles with an electric Citroen Berlingo in Africa!

3,600 Miles on Electricity in Africa Come to an End

The Venturi challenges are both impressive and a technological feat, the last one having achieved 3,600 miles in an electric car in Africa.

It’s official, Xavier Chevrin the courageous electric car, EV challenger who has taken on some incredible trips on this planet has completed his cross-country EV run through Africa in an electric Citroen Berlingo. In our original story, we wrote about how Xavier and his photography and video co-pilot Vivien Floris started it in Nairobe, Kenya and has since covered 6 countries driving over 3,603 miles, of which 372 were on rough terrain. After a few broken parts and even a broken leg, the Frenchmen have ended their 38-day trip.

The Trip. According to Xavier, the drive took him through rough terrain, including: “…mud (it was the end of the rain season), stony paths, lots of sand and dust. But the car stood up to everything very well. Venturi has just proven that electrical technology can adapt to all terrains in Africa, thus opening up the path to new economic and environmental prospects on this continent." The biggest problem he concluded was convincing the locals to top off the battery pack in order to facilitate his drive and achieve better range management.


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