Driving a Porsche 356A on the French Riviera

A 356A Porsche Is Still More Fun To Drive Than A Modern Car

Choosing between a new and old car can be difficult and really depends on who, what, when and where. Today I drove 356A Porsche in Nice, France and still wonder if what new cars offer really makes them better.

Modern cars have come a long way. As much comfort they offer, security is really where they excel. Modern tires are head and shoulders above the ones we had in the 60s, and brakes have gotten lighter, stronger and more resistant. But somewhere along this long way, modern have traded a lot for these gains. With an increase security comes a heavier weight. Although traditional gasoline engines have gotten more efficient, the extra weight penalizes their progression. And in the end, we are left to wonder, what have modern cars to offer compared to older ones?

Old vs. New. During my stay in Nice, France where I enjoy rediscovering my driving stomping grounds, my cousin offered me to drive his mid-1950s 356A Porsche. Hot weather, beautiful stunning Nice and an old car are my idea of heaven, so I jumped in. As a reference to Porsche, the most modern 911 I drove was a 1983 and the most modern was the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, as far as gas cars are concerned. Although both different, they each represent the best each company had to offer at their time of production.


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