2012 Tesla Model S

Wells Fargo offers easy low monthly payment plans for Tesla Model S

If you're longing for a Tesla Model S, the worlds first premium luxury electric car, but scratching your head over how to pay for the car, Wells Fargo has your back with a financing plan.

On the cusp of the launch of the Tesla Model S electric car today in Fremont, CA, Tesla Motors and Wells Fargo announced a deal in which Wells Fargo would offer new car financing for Model S purchasers. The non-exclusive deal increases the options for prospective Model S purchasers, and marks the first major financial institution to back financing for the Model S.

The Tesla Model S is the worlds first premium luxury electric car. It is a five-door sedan, that offers up to three rows of seating, cargo space galore, with the handling and style to match the worlds top cars. As an electric car it provides 265 miles of electric driving range, a flexible charging system to make it the first electric car to be capable of proper road trips. Because it doesn't have an engine, the front compartment is available as for cargo, as is the normal trunk area, leaving the full interior of the cabin available for passengers. With an EPA rated 88 miles/gallon equivalent fuel efficiency, and driving performance equaling some sports cars, it is a highly technologically advanced vehicle. Today marks the first deliveries of the Model S electric car to retail customers.


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I remember Bank of America used to offer loans for the Roadster. I'm checking it out :)