Apple & Tesla?

Should Apple buy Tesla because of the shortage of lithium for batteries?

Both Apple and Tesla depend on lithium ion batteries, making some float the theory that Apple should buy Tesla because both require companies "massive amounts of lithium".

A theory is making the round again, that Apple should buy Tesla Motors. The connection? Both depend on lithium ion batteries to power the gizmos sold by each company. A recent news report suggested the boom in iPad sales, as well as electric and hybrid car sales, was contributing to a jump in lithium prices. A press release today from Nova Mining Corp suggests the run-up on lithium prices could cause Apple and Tesla to merge because both companies require "massive amounts of lithium".

In other words, both companies use lithium ion batteries as a key component in their respective products. The upswing of both electrified vehicles and modern electronics gizmos is in part due to growing capabilities of lithium ion batteries, and dependent on the supply of these batteries. Does this mean Tesla and Apple should merge? Not necessarily, but there are some other interesting overlaps between the companies.


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