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National Plug-in Day shows the many benefits of plug-in electric vehicles

For the second year, National Plug-in Day will bring together owners and prospective owners of all electric, battery electric or plug-in hybrid cars to show off the many benefits these cars have over gasoline powered cars.

For the second year running National Plug-in Day will be an opportunity to experience and learn about cars that can be plugged-in to recharge a battery pack that stores power to drive the wheels. All electric, battery electric or plug-in hybrid cars are becoming more available with every new car model introduced by a manufacturer, and with every car bought by a consumer. National Plug-in Day will gather individuals who own plug-in cars, as well as the plug-in car manufacturers, to show off the cars to the public and to each other.

The event is being held on September 23, 2012 and is organized as a collaboration between Plug-in America, the Electric Auto Association, and the Sierra Club.

It will be a day of awareness raising over the environmental, economic and other benefits of vehicles which can plug-in and use electricity as a fuel. The event is billed as being an opportunity to see real honest to goodness electric vehicles, talk with electric vehicle owners, view the equipment used with electric vehicles, and perhaps get a chance for a test drive in one. Additionally, existing plug-in car owners will have a chance to meet with one another and talk about their experiences.


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