2011 Nissan Leaf

Loyal Leaf owners brainstorming Nissan Leaf marketing ideas

Loyal Nissan Leaf owners, worried about slow sales of the electric car, are debating what Nissan should do to improve Nissan Leaf marketing efforts.

One sign of a extremely loyal following is when the customers of a product start developing marketing pitches, and otherwise begin promoting the product. Worried Nissan Leaf owners, looking at the sales trends, are beginning to earnestly discuss what Nissan should be doing differently to promote the Leaf. Last year the Leaf was selling pretty well. That is, while the Leaf sales were a fraction of typical gas car sales, sales were growing, Leaf sales exceeded that of the Prius in its first years of availability, and Leaf sales compared to past sales of electric cars was phenomenal. Unfortunately, this year Leaf sales have dropped considerably, and while many attribute it to the approval of California HOV lane stickers for the Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-in, maybe there's something else, the advertising campaign perhaps, that could be improved, according to discussion among Leaf owners.


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its simple nissan needs to sell leafs at cost price for 12 18 months until the market accepts electric cars and then steadly increase profits. tony s.
Nissan needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to increase the driving range to a real world 100 miles in winter and summer driving conditions. That means a bigger battery pack. A Thermal battery managmnent system to keep batteries at optimum temp and an alternative way of heating the cabin. Maybe an ethanol heater.
Easy: make enough of them to fulfill all orders and then begin backlogging at dealerships like most models do so people can actually test drive and take one home instead of getting on a waiting list..
I believe that the California white HOV sticker expires Jan 1, 2015.
Best would be to get congress to stop subsidising OIL. We have been giving money to BIG OIL for about 50 years with no end in site. If we paid the real cost like Europe and taxed the pollution like Germany it would cost $8-10 a gallon and many would change . As the batteries improve and cost go down it will also increase electric vehicle sales. The feature of V2G Vehicle to GRID would pay for the vehicles but not many have offered that great option except ACPropulsion.
I cannot read an article and take it seriously when the author cannot BOTHERED to proof read it. Opening para ... One sign of a extremely loyal following is when the customers begin of a given product start developing marketing ... Huh? Read your own article!!! (And stop using f'ing capthca when we are logged in!)
The rumor is the range will improve with the 2013 year model, the heater will be changed to one that consumes less power, so winter range will improve and it is about to be made in Tennessee, US of A and the pricing is supposed to be lower. After all this, who wouldn't be waiting for the 2013 model. Want to sell more sooner?, beef up the range now and put in the improved heat and AC system and advertise that it was done as a running change and there's no need to wait until next year for the improvements. That should help out.