GM's 120 Volt charger for the Chevy Volt

GM replacing Chevy Volt 120 volt chargers for customer satisfaction

In a move that isn't technically a "recall," GM has begun replacing Chevy Volt 120 volt charging cords with ones using thicker wires, following months of Volt owner reports of overheating charging cords.

GM has begun replacing the 120 volt charger which comes with the Chevy Volt, replacing it with a unit having thicker gauge wiring on the 120 volt side of the adapter. This follows occasional reports by Volt owners that the cords overheat during use.

The news comes from a report on Yahoo Autos that in turn references discussion on a GM Volt discussion forum. A Volt owner related that he'd brought his car in for repair on a different issue. During the process the dealer replaced the 120 volt charger explaining it as part of a "recall" that isn't a "big deal" but is more of a "preventative measure". However the report on Yahoo Autos quoted GM spokesman Randal Fox as saying it is not officially a recall, but a "customer-satisfaction program".

The process simply replaces the existing 120 volt charger (standard equipment with the Chevy Volt) with a new one. The new charger is reported to have thicker wiring on the 120 volt side, and otherwise be the same. Chevy Volt owners will shortly receive letters notifying them of the upgrade.


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