2013 Ford C-MAX Energi

Ford and KB Home showing C-MAX Energi and smart grid at ZeroHouse

Ford and KB Home are showing that electrified vehicles can be part of an energy saving lifestyle when combined with a house filled with solar panels and smart grid enabled appliances.

Ford and KB Home have launched a co-marketing campaign featuring the Ford C-MAX Energi in the homebuilder’s ZeroHouse 2.0 model home in San Marcos, Calif. The initiative is meant to raise awareness for a lifestyle of electric-powered vehicles, solar power systems and smart appliances. At an event on Friday a C-MAX Energi is on display, plugged into a charging station built into the ZeroHouse.

The demo shows how the typical American family can potentially save money while reducing their impact on the environment, all by adopting a combination of highly efficient home design, the latest in smart home technology and an affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle.

They call this the MyEnergi Lifestyle, and it features leveraging smart grid technology so that energy-consuming devices are more energy efficient, while time shifting electricity usage to a less expensive time of day. It involves enrolling in time-of-use metering with the electric company, so that the cost per kilowatt-hour varies by the time of day.

An example are refrigerators that postpone energy intensive activities like ice-making to night-time, or electric cars that postpone their recharge time until night-time. Electricity rates late at night are always very low, because there is little electricity demand.


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