The new DeLorean chassis built by Epic Electric Vehicles

The Electric DeLorean chassis to be built by Epic EV with batteries from Flux Power

The excitement over the rebirth of the DeLorean sports car, in between 88 miles per hour jokes, is news that the chassis and battery pack will be built by Aptera alum companies Epic Electric Vehicles and Flux Power.

Like an 88 miles/hr bolt of lightning from the past, DeLorean Motor Company has promised the Electric DeLorean for 2013. And it'll be sporting a composite frame manufactured by Epic Electric Vehicles.

Last fall news from the reborn DeLorean Motor Company caught our attention, an all new DeLorean car and this time it's electric. DMC is promising the DMC-12 will have a 260 HP electric motor, a 120 miles/hr top speed, a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds, a single speed transmission, a battery pack from FluxPower, a 100+ mile range in city driving, and a high power 70 amps on-board charger for fast recharge times. The current DeLorean Motor Company bought the DeLorean brand name in the 90's and has been refurbishing used DeLorean cars ever since.

Epic EV recently announced that after helping DMC build the prototype for the DMC-12, the two companies were so happy with the results that they decided to take the relationship up a level. Which means that Epic EV "will be playing a vital role in" developing the DMC-12, by "bringing advanced composites chassis technology to a classic that was ahead of its time."

Epic EV specializes in manufacturing vehicles using composite materials, a technique that is widely used in airplanes but not in cars. Composite materials have a huge weight and strength advantage over metal, which in theory should make for sturdier and safer vehicles.


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