Chrysler EcoDiesel logo

Chrysler's new EcoDiesel logo hints of future clean diesel Jeeps

Chrysler is selling a 3.0 L diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee in Europe "and other diesel markets," but not in the U.S., so a new trademark filing with the USPTO by Chrysler may be good news for American's desiring a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This week a new trademark registered by Chrysler with the USPTO and WTO, bearing the name EcoDiesel, indicates plans by Chrysler to adopt some form of clean diesel technology. The artwork shown here is part of a USPTO filing, by Chrysler LLC, claiming a trademark for this logo and the EcoDiesel name. It includes a "leaf" on one side, and the "3.0L" mark indicating the trademark is for a 3 liter engine.

The new 3.0 Liter engine is expected to appear in a future Jeep Grand Cherokee, and other models in Chrysler's lineup.

The engine is expected to be the VM Motori 3.0-liter turbo diesel, which is reported to produce around 240 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. That motor was developed through a collaboration between Fiat and the Italian firm VM Motori. A version of this engine is already offered in several Chrysler models overseas, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 300. In April 2011 Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne promised this engine would find its way to the U.S. under the hood of a Jeep Grand Cherokee by the end of 2013. In January 2012, the company announced the hiring of 1100 workers for their Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit to expand the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup to include a diesel version for North America.


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Would this make it the first light-duty diesel in the U.S.? I guess that'd depend on your definition of "truck" but it's a promising sign.