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CARB offers answers to frequently asked plug-in vehicle questions

A new website launched by the California Air Resources Board aims to be a one-stop guide to answering all your questions about battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, as well as adoption guides for business, fleet owners and others.

A new buying guide for plug-in electric vehicles is now available on the California Air Resources Board's DriveClean website. It's meant to provide assistance, information and tools to car buyers, fleet owners and others interested in plug-in vehicles.

The site is focused on what CARB calls a PEV, or Plug-in Electric Vehicle. These are vehicles you can plug-in and recharge a battery pack, and come either as a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The new website explains the differences, tradeoffs and advantages of each. Plug-in electric vehicles are distinguished from hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV) or other high fuel efficiency vehicles, because they are fueled from the electrical grid rather than being wholly dependent on gasoline for fuel.

Other resources include: A list of vehicles either available in 2012, or "coming soon." A guide of questions and answers to help you understand if a plug-in vehicle is for you, and the features to look for. A list of steps to taking full advantage of incentives, parking privileges, how to find charging stations. Guidelines on understanding the different ways to charge an electric car, whether or how to charge at home, at workplaces, and other places.

One very useful tool lets you search for various incentive programs. You select federal, state, or local incentives, your zip code, and the sort of incentive you're interested in. The service shows you a complete list of incentives based on your selection.


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