Tesla opening three new dealerships in US

Tesla is expanding its dealership network to three new locations across the country. The new Tesla dealerships will be in Bellevue WA; Chicago IL; and Newport Beach CA. This will lay the groundwork for the company to sell the Tesla Model S, the first electric premium sedan.

Tesla dealerships are designed to demonstrate the benefits of driving electric vehicles, as well as Tesla’s advanced technology. The Tesla dealerships include hands-on exhibits, interactive touch-screen experiences, and a design center where customers can configure their own Tesla vehicles.

On November 5th, Tesla Bellevue Square opened at the luxury shopping center in Bellevue, WA. The store will feature a display of Model S prototypes and drivetrain components.

Tesla will be opening Chicago’s Oakbrook Center on November 12th, and at Newport Beach, California’s well-known Fashion Island on November 18th.

The new dealerships increase Tesla's presence in areas where service center are already maintaining Tesla vehicles, making the three locations ideal.

“Tesla is reinventing the way people buy cars, with stores designed to engage and inform prospective customers," said Tesla CEO and Co-founder Elon Musk. "Located in high foot-traffic locations, Tesla stores are designed to introduce people to Tesla’s advanced electric car technology and show the benefits of driving electric. Tesla stores lay the groundwork for the distribution of Model S today and increasingly affordable electric vehicles tomorrow.”


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