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Smart heads to Austin for music festival

Smart, the company that makes the fun small city car the Smart ForTwo, is heading to Austin's Fun Fun Fun Festival for three days of great bands that are changing the way people think about music.

The Fun Fun Fun Festival takes place from November 4-6. The focus of the festival is to avoid the hype and concentrate on what great musicians and artists play. The festival is not just focused on one type of music, but a whole range of different range such as punk, indie rock, hip-hop, electronic music and comedy, Fun Fun Fun lets fans experience a diverse group of musical groups and performers. This year’s eclectic performers will include Spoon, Passion Pit, Lykke Li, Slayer, Public Enemy, Major Lazer, Odd Future, Henry Rollins and Reggie Watts.

The Fun Fun Fun Festival is the latest event Smart is sponsoring that shows its commitment to showcasing interesting events such as Gen Art, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Neil Chambers’ Urban Green Tour. Smart tries to focus on events that are forward thinking and ahead of the curve.

At the Festival Smart will have several vehicles on display throughout the festival for people to explore, test drive, and get a feel for. Company reps will be available to answer any questions about the Smart's vehicle offerings. Smart will also be included in all of the festival’s advertising, public relations and social media activities.


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The Smart ForTwo is not for people who think ahead of the curve. It's for people who want a small car with not so good fuel economy and little practicality. Why would you buy this vs. a Nissan Versa for example which has tons more room, costs less and gets comparable fuel economy? And, wait for it, has a real trunk.