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Fisker Karma on display at world famous Harrod's in London

If you want to make your car known to consumers, especially those of us that can afford the finest luxury goods, what do you do? Put your car in the window display in the best known retailer of luxury goods in the world. That is Harrod's in London, and that car is the all-electric Fisker Karma.

That's right, the Fisker Karma is in the window display of the world famous department store, Harrods in Knightsbridge, located in London. Harrod's has come to be known as the forefront of luxury retailing, offering extremely fine merchandise. Fisker it seems feels that the Fisker Karma can stand along Harrod's selection of exquisite merchandise.

“Harrods is one of the most prestigious retail sites in the world, which is perfect for our car,” said Henrik Fisker, co-founder and CEO of Fisker Automotive.  “The landmark store attracts hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world during January, and we look forward to introducing them to the Fisker Karma.”

Harrods provides bespoke personal services and unmatched choices that have attracted a loyal customer base. The store gets many international visitors from all over the world. The Harrods ethos of ‘anything is possible’ sets out to surpass the desires and expectations of its customers.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Fisker Automotive to become the first UK retailer to exhibit the Fisker Karma.  This exciting new luxury electric vehicle will take pride of place in our iconic windows and is certain to attract a great deal of interest from our customers.” said Harrods Media Sales Director, Guy Cheston.

Displaying what Fisker calls “The world’s first luxury electric vehicle” in the prominent Brompton Road window display surely makes them feel like 'anything is possible.' (That is even if they have had a bit of trouble fine-tuning the interiors of Fisker Karmas. I am sure they hope Harrod's shoppers wont' be able to see that!)


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It would be nice to be able to shop at Harrod's.