Ferrari exhibition in China showcases the best Ferraris from the future and past

Ferrari has just kicked off a stunning exhibition of new and old Ferrari's in the Italian Center in the Shanghai Expo Park, marking a push forward for Ferrari into China.

The exhibition covers an impressive area of around 9,500 square feet. The Ferrari exhibition will be open to the public not just for a few months, it will be in Shanghai for three years. The aim of the Ferrari exhibition is to introduce the Chinese people to Ferrari and allow them to experience the amazing history of Ferrari's cars, technologies, and of course the passion of the Prancing Horse.

“For millions of people around the world, Ferrari represents the pinnacle of Italian culture,” said Piero Ferrari. “It is a symbol of passion, success and the constant pursuit of excellence.”

The inauguration ceremony of the Ferrari exhibition was attended by Ferrari's Deputy Chairman, Piero Ferrari, and representatives of both the Chinese and Italian governments.

It is important to note that his is the first time the Italian supercar maker has organized an extensive exhibition so broad outside of Italy. With China's amazing economic growth over the past couple years it is probably not surprising that China now represents a key market for Ferrari.

The exhibition will not be feature the same cars over the three years it will run. It will be continually updated to showcase the latest and greatest Ferraris. Also the exhibition has been designed so visitors can engage Ferrari's past as well as the future.


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