Batman Lamborghini

Batman gets pulled over in Lamborghini [Video]

When you are a police officer, you are bound to see everything at least once. Several Montgomery County Police Officers can attest to this at they pulled over Batman in a Lamborghini last week.

Batman was pulled over on March 21, 2012 around 10:47 am on Route 29 in Maryland for not displaying his rear license plate. In place of his license plate was a plate that said “Batman” and transporting Batman to Georgetown University Hospital to visit sick children was a stunning, awesome, and beautiful black Lamborghini Gallardo convertible. Definitely something Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, would be driving.

Who is this the “Dark Knight” in real life though? According to Michael Rosenwald of the Washington Post he is a Baltimore county businessman named Lenny Robinson. Mr. Robinson moonlights as Batman protecting sick children in hospitals in the Baltimore and Washington DC area from boring visits from uncool celebrities. Batman (Robinson) has spent thousands on his costume and Batman paraphernalia, which he happily gives away to the children he visits in hospitals. He does this as part of his work for the Hope for Henry foundation.


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