Topi Heikkinen at Marklund Motorsports

Topi Heikkinen Rocks the Global RallyCross World - Leaves Ford for VW

Toomas Topi Heikkinen was a major part of Ford’s complete dominance of the 2013 Global RallyCross schedule with 5 wins and the season driver’s championship but Topi has announced that he will race with Marklund Motorsports for the new 2014 World RallyCross Championship and the 2014 X Games in Austin Texas – ditching Ford to race a Volkswagen Polo.

Topi Heikkinen was hurt during practice for the 2012 X Games and that injury knocked him out for the season but he returned with a furious vengeance in 2013, winning 5 races, finishing on the podium in 3 others and his worst finish of the year was a 4th at the Vegas season finale. Not surprisingly, success like that allowed Topi to secure the driver’s championship ahead of the final event and Ford had the manufacturer’s championship locked up a couple weeks before the end of the season. Heikkinen displayed dominance like few other drivers have displayed in the entire world of motorsports and it was widely expected that Topi would come into the 2014 Global RallyCross season with his aim on a second driver’s championship behind the wheel of his OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta.


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I think he's hoping to be top driver at a team instead of just another of several great drivers like he was at Ford.
Good point. Even though he was the best driver for Ford last year in the GRC, he got less press attention than Foust, Block or Deegan...partially because his English is a little tough to follow but more so because those guys all have big followings from other activities. No doubt that he has the skills...but those Fords are awfully hard to beat.
Ya, I would wonder what VW had that can really compete with the Focus rally. Subaru and Peugeot seem to be the only real competition in that regard.