The 2013 Subaru BRZ Coupe

The Subaru BRZ sells out in Australia - in about three hours

The Subaru BRZ recently went on sale in Australia, the Japanese automaker decided that the best way to sell the first batch of rear wheel drive sports cars would be to sell them exclusively online and in just over three hours, all of the BRZ sports coupes headed for the Aussie market were sold out.

A key point is that Subaru designated only 201 examples of the BRZ production for the Australian market but regardless of the number of vehicles sold – the fact that it took less than half of a business day to completely sell out shows the level of enthusiasm around the new rear wheel drive sports car.

The sales portion of the Subaru BRZ website was expected to go live in July 16th around noon in Australia (AEST) but the massive influx of traffic was so hard on the company servers that the site was severely bogged down for some time. Once that issue was handled, the Subaru BRZ officially went on sale in Australia around 12:45pm AEST. In the first five minutes after the page went live, there were eight soon-to-be BRZ owners going through the process of building their new Subaru sports car and filling out the required electronic paperwork. The first official online customer order was fully completed within 20 minutes with the prospective customer building their dream Subaru BRZ, completing the purchase contract and paying their required deposit in under a half an hour. A total of 50 Subaru BRZ sports coupes were sold in the first hour and a half with the other 151 being sold over the next few hours. By 3:47 local time, the entire stock of BRZs headed for Australia had been purchased under contract with a deposit ranging between $3,000 and $5,000 US Dollars.


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