One Simple Reason Why Chrysler Doesn't Care if you Hate the 2015 Charger

Since the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T was introduced last week at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, there have been critics who hate the new look for a variety of different reasons – but Chrysler doesn’t care if you hate the 2015 Charger design because there really isn’t any competition for the brawny Mopar sport sedan.

It probably sounds ridiculous to say that an automaker doesn’t care if a bunch of loudmouths online don’t like a new design, but with the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T – the Chrysler Group really isn’t worried about the people who passionately oppose the new design. There are a variety of reasons why every automaker doesn’t worry about people not liking a new design and that is why Ford isn’t worried about people who hate the 2015 Mustang, why General Motors isn’t worried about people hating the 2015 Corvette Stingray and why Chrysler doesn’t care if people hate the new Dodge Challenger. No matter what an automaker does, there are going to be people who hate the new look. Those people don’t hate the design so much as they simply can’t cope with change and those are the people who automakers don’t worry much about when rolling out a new model. Heck, there were plenty of people in the Mopar community who hated the original modern Dodge Charger because it was a sedan instead of a coupe and while some of those people continue to complain about the extra two doors – I know people who hated the idea of a Charger sedan who later owned one.

This is true of any new model, but it isn’t why Chrysler was able to be so bold with their seemingly premature refresh of the Dodge Charger R/T. Dodge isn’t worried about people hating the new Charger R/T because – frankly – there is no other realistic competitor for the Charger in the US market. If you don’t like a BBQ restaurant, you go to a different BBQ place. If you don’t like McDonalds, you go to Burger King. For the Charger, there is no other vehicle sold in America that can offer everything that the 2015 Charger will offer.

Let’s quickly look at what the 2015 Dodge Charger will offer:
-3.6L V6 rear wheel drive - 292hp
-3.6L V6 all wheel drive - 292hp
-5.7L Hemi V8 rear wheel drive - 375hp
-6.4L Hemi V8 rear wheel drive - 470hp

If you look at the large sedans that compete with the 2015 Dodge Charger in that segment, nothing offers the same reach as the Charger. The large sedan from General Motors is the front wheel drive Chevrolet Impala which only offers as much performance as the 3.6L V6 can make. GM has the Cadillac CTS V Sport and the upcoming Chevrolet SS performance sedan, but both of those models carry a higher starting price than the Charger SRT8 while offering lower performance than the Hemi powered Dodge sedan. Also, while the SS performance sedan (arguably the best competitor for the Charger in the US market) offers a similar combination with lots of power and rear wheel drive, it costs much more than the Charger R/T and makes much less power than the Charger SRT8. The SS only comes in one form and there is no way to get into one of those for under $44,000 or so while Charger R/T owners will get almost as much power with a far lower price.

charger rt front

The large sedan from Ford Motor Company is the Taurus, and while you can get both front wheel drive and all wheel drive – along with the powerful EcoBoost V6 engine that packs comparable power to the Hemi V8. The Taurus SHO is arguably the closest competitor for the Charger R/T, except for those who demand rear wheel drive from their sport sedan. None of the Japanese companies offer a rear wheel drive large sedan or the power levels of the Charger and from the German automakers, you will pay big money to get the kind of power that you get with the Hemi powered Chargers.

In short, if you want a rear wheel drive full sized sedan that packs enough power to make claims of being a sport sedan, there is nothing in the same range of price and performance as the Dodge Charger. With that in mind, those folks who hate the new Charger look are welcome to hunt around for something that really competes in performance with a similar price – but the odds are good that those same people will end up learning to love the face of the 2015 Charger. The fact that no other automaker offers a true competitor for the Dodge Charger is why the Chrysler Group can afford to have some people hate the new look, as there is a good chance that some of those people will end up buying one overtime if they really want a high performance, rear wheel drive sedan that won’t break the bank.

Click here for a closer look at the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T from more angles, inside and out.



That doesnt mean they dont have to take care when designing the car, they could do better in sales, if the car was better designed. The Intrepid in its time looked better, in fact it is a sharp looking car. I think the could have designed wider or fatter fenders in the front and rear to make it more muscular
The more I see the '15 the more I like it. The 11-14's are getting old fast.
I agree with you, also think the 2015 could have been styled much better
BEING from a dodge dealer family from 1968,and being I WAS one of those people online who called the 2006 charger a piece of crap...and being as I WAS at the LX show 2014 in Irvine California...DODGE SHOULD CARE IF PEOPLE LIKE THE DESIGN..we as consumers DONT care that you at Chrysler have 75 designers in a room and could NOT come up with a better front design than THIS CRAP...everyone in the world and HOLLYWOOD knows the 1968 to 1970 charger go down as HISTORICAL works of art..IS IT ASKING YOU BOZOS TOO MUCH TO PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT WITH YOUR COMPUTERS AND WHATEVER to simply GIVE US A WORK OF ART AGAIN???Telling us we don't care because there is no competition is basically BS...YOU SHOULD CARE...forcing a design on people just because you can today wont do-WE ALL EXPECT MUCH MORE FROM YOU DODGE...AND PLEASE CHANGE THIS FRONT END TO SOMETHING TIMELESS WE CAN ALL BE PROUD have the ability..the 2011 to 14 were pretty good...people actually liked it..NOW to take a HUGE step back because you don't give a dam isn't helping your case with the public-AT LEAST YOU DIDNT SCREW UP THE CHALLENGER.
MY sort of apology to all the dodge designers for my harsh words(but boys and girls YOU can do MUCH MUCH better-ralph change it before it hits the market...please-do it now before it costs you sales -if I could call you at home or tell you face to face I would,we spoke in California(had you unveiled it there you would NOT have unveiled it in NEW YORK with that face guaranteed) you know im a good person and dodge nut-im trying to help)...BUT if people cant be honest and passionate...then we would all be buying Toyotas...YOU as a company went thro hard times(and we stayed with you, even I bought a new hemi challenger R/T)...the dodge charger is an ICON of automotive ART..and YOU are not helping it keep its status amongst those who are truly passionate about the car...NOT one of the people so far I have spoken to likes the design of the front...NOT 1-so you should start giving a dam...its your business to give a dam..TO.MAKE A WORK OF ART YOU ARE CAPABLE OF...NOT JUST A BIG CAR EVERY ONE MISTAKES FOR THE SLOW SELLING DART.....PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ
ONE FINAL PLEA-you all know the dodge charger is a masterpiece of automotive history to be kept generation to generation-you cant say that of other cars 4 door or grandkid is waiting for a civic 20 years from now-you get my drift-YOU NEED TO DEEPLY CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DESIGNED BECAUSE IT IS A PART OF DODGE HISTORY YOU ARE PRIVELEGED TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF-you just cant put this charger out to the public with that rent a car front just cant-that is why the hate mail-you didn't get hate mail over the 2011 to 14...I gurantee it-you were on the right track-PLEASE DODGE, PLEASE RALPH, PLEASE SERGIO....FIX IT...IT WONT COST MUCH....give us that DODGE Mona Lisa you are capable of-am I passionate about dodge, you bet I am, otherwise I wouldn't be writing...its time to give a dam dodge...its time..john
ONE LAST COMMENT THEN ILL SHUT UP-because if you don't get it by now you don't get it.Let me take you back to the age of 13....if you cant imagine yourself stopping dead in your tracks as a 2015 DODGE CHARGER drives slowly by-then your on the wrong track...if you saw all 6 Fast and Furious movies and cant IMAGINE seeing this 2015 as the HERO car -then your on the wrong track-IF JOHN SCHNEIDER and the crew of DUKES OF HAZZARD saw this front end and you watched his reaction-then you are on the wrong track....Chrysler YOU JUST CANNOT TELL US BECAUSE THERE IS NO COMPETITION THAT YOU CAN NOW DO AS YOU PLEASE...the 2015 front end is like a cool teenager whose mom got a hold of him, chopped all his hair off and gave him literally plastic surgery to look like the Toyota kid next door..there mom says now you will fit in ,, no one will notice you OR remember you now go and play with all the other boring kids..IS THIS WHAT THE CHARGER WAS MADE TO DO..PLAY WITH THE OTHER KIDS...OR WAS THE CHARGER WHAT ALL THE OTHER KIDS JUST DREMPT OF BEING...THIS ISNT ABOUT LOUDMOUTHS..THIS IS ABOUT YOU AT DODGE UNDERSTANDING YOU ARE A PART OF AUTOMOTIVE one writes about who designed the 75 charger they?please you have time to do the right thing ralph..make the CHARGER MONA LISA IT DESERVES....your kids and history is counting on you and your design team................................john
THANK YOU whoever you are for posting my harsh words about the new dodge charger face verbatum. My mom always said JOHN IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL-now-MY DAD however had strong opinions about virtually everything.!!Ralph, Sergio ,and all the design team-what we are talking about is a piece of plastic..thats it...not metal, not aluminum,just plastic. ALL we as avid dodge fans are asking for is give OUR beloved DODGE CHARGER the beautiful face it deserves. WOULDNT it be something if 1 automotive company actually listened to their fans (who buy their cars) and actually fixed a small mistake before the car actually came into production-and they said..april fools-here is the REAL charger. EVERYONE has pride..everyone has the job they feel they did best at..but lets see the facts-when ralph was explaining the new charger would be an evolution in California not retro I saw the look on his face,and I said to myself-oh no...what the hell did they do now-he knew then as he knows now-mistakes are made-RALPH IT IS A PIECE OF PLASTIC...THATS IT...WHICH CAN BE FORMED TO MAKE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSCLE CAR FRONT ON THE MARKET...of course you can do it-aftermarket companies could do it in a day-and frankly I think most of them are salivating at the chance to sell custom fronts to your customers already.This isn't an expensive proposition-losing sales and getting bad publicity that you don't really give a dam hurts you MUCH more than modifying a piece of plastic.JUST swallow your pride go back to the drawing board and give us that face we will all cherish and buy and see with pride on our movie screens, that we will see in the faces of kids who tell us-gee mister nice can do it ralph-SERGIO PLEASE...we saw you on 60 minutes,you said you can only afford 1 screw already had your 1-the people have spoken..loud mouth kinda means we care...not that we dislike you..there is a big difference...Toyota guys dislike your product..WE buy your product and stay with you a lifetime...all we ask is to be heard and please don't give us just another rentacar front.ONLINE the new SS chev was compared with charger-ALL the people in the test LOVED the charger for its looks...and found the SS to be a forgettable box on wheels in the real world...not a day goes by that someone will stop me in my challenger R/T and inform me how much they love my car from kids to street people to everyone...please do the same for deserves that helped save your company...AFTER ALL RALPH ITS JUST A PIECE OF PLASTIC-and thanks for signing my homemade dodge muscle car shirt in California...your friend john
Now I don't know who Patrick Rall is-and certainly hes the author so hes entitled to his opinion..a bunch of loudmouths online who don't like the new charger face and can go elsewhere if they don't like it-ok I guess sales at dodge are that great we can tell customers to get lost already?how soon we forget 2009!-plz go see call CONSUMER REPORTS LOUDMOUTHS?..well if you do then you do-when a design is off..then it point is this-why settle for the mundane when you have the power NOT TO?I have a 74 yr old friend who had one of the original barracuda sports cars-to this day he remembers and loves the styling-when I showed him the new charger front end his remark was..why did they put a mini van front end on the new charger-THIS IS MY POINT DODGE-I just have to stop will do as you do and history will decide...your charger doesn't have to look like a DURANGO OR A MINIVAN OR A deserves better..Steve McQueen would certainly NOT pick this for an epic BULLITT movie-Vanishing Point would certainly NOT lable this car THE BEAST-FAST AND FURIOUS would be a laughable cartoon with this as the hero car-DODGE IM NOT TRYING TO HURT YOUR FEELINGS-all im saying is YOU CAN DO MUCH better...and please do so-the car isn't produced yet-probably all your camry product meetings liked the new front end since it blends in with the MUNDANE just nicely...SO DODGE...IT IS NEVER WRITTEN IN STONE THAT ANYTHING CANT BE knew when it was designed in your heart that this was kinda a needless midcyle as you wish-the LOUDMOUTHS AT CONSUMER REPORTS AND ELSEWHERE HAVE SPOKEN-it would cost you very little to give us a CHARGER we would all be proud of instead of a family specific 4 door nothing-oh look honey there goes some kind of dodge-TO SIMPLY SAY IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO ELSEWHERE IS DOING HISTORY AND DODGE CHARGER AN INJUSTICE-NOW ITS TIME FOR ME TO SHUT THE HELL UP..ILL TRY!
I agree with John, that the grill looks cheap and plastic. Reminds of the 2013 Mazda 3 which has the same black bar in grill . They only kept it 1 year because it was so ugly and unpopular. Maybe you will have to experience the same catastrophe in order to realize the styling error,, but it's a shame to do that with such an iconic car like the Charger..
Article is false, I feel. PLENTY of other options and mods to make other sedans like the Charger, if you want. I am lifelong Mopar, and disgusted by this monstrosity that they dare still call a Charger. It lost it's persona, meanness, etc. It now is just a Dart. All Dodges seem to have the same rears now. Fiat really has screwed up Chrysler, and they had just made it to the top too. Also, not being able to offer AWD with the Hemi does not help.