Two Fisker Karma electric sedans

NHTSA investigating Texas Fisker Karma garage fire

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has sent investigators to look into the charred remains of a garage in Sugar Land Texas that has been blamed on the brand new Fisker Karma parked in the garage – marking the latest step in the NHTSA’s ongoing probe into the long term safety of electric vehicles packing lithium ion batteries.

Shortly after reports surfaced that the Sugar Land Texas garage fire was started by a new Fisker Karma, many began speculating as to how the electric luxury sedan may have caused the inferno. The local fire chief investigator was quick to point the finger at the Karma as the origin of the fire and that set critics of the electric vehicle segment in motion, insisting that the high voltage battery system was at fault.

However, Fisker was quick to issue a statement pointing out that the battery was intact after the fire was put out and when the fire began, the car was not being charged. On top of that, reports indicate that the driver had just returned home from a drive during which the battery was run down so the combination of factors would indicate that the battery or electric drive system may not have been at fault. Also, the battery in the Fisker Karma that burned earlier this month in Texas was sold after the batteries built by A123 were recalled so that serves to take more blame away from the battery.


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Electric cars are just not "there" bet is we have enough $2 gas, til the end of the century anyway... until some better technology comes along that people want, cold fusion,hydrogen or something else. To pay $40k fora volt is just plain stupid.