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New Saab brand owners don’t have the rights to use the Saab name or logo

Saab lovers around the world got their wish earlier this month when the firm National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) purchased the Saab automobile brand but one aspect that the new owners seemed to overlook when making the bargain basement purchase deal for Saab was the legal rights behind using the Saab name and logo.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the Swedish-based electric vehicle company is owned by a Chinese-Japanese investment group, purchased the Saab auto brand from the Swedish government early this month, saving the automaker from a quick death via court ordered bankruptcy. NEVS purchased the assets of the Saab automobile brand including the Trollhattan production facility and the contents inside along with the rights to carry on with the Saab brand. Unfortunately, two things that were not included in the purchase was the legal right to use the Saab name and the griffin logo used on Saab brand passenger vehicles around the world.

You might be asking yourself, how did NEVS purchase the Saab brand without the name and logo? The details of the whole situation go back to 1990.


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