A Jeep Grand Cherokee disel test vehicle

New 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel to debut in Detroit

In a recent discussion with Ward’s Auto, Jeep brand CEO Mike Manley explained that the new diesel powered variant of the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee will make its formal debut in January at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit with those models hitting dealer lots during the first quarter of 2013.

There have been rumors for quite some time now that the Chrysler Group was planning to reintroduce the diesel engine to the Jeep lineup and with a variety of Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Grand Cherokee test vehicles caught running around the Metro Detroit area (shown on the right), many have been holding their breath for this new efficient-yet-powerful diesel Jeep. Thanks to Mike Manley, we know now that those buyers who have been clamoring for a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee will get to check out their next new vehicle at the 2013 NAIAS in Detroit’s Cobo Hall.


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The above article is saying 6- speed trans, typo? Or are we still getting the 8 speed?
I have not seen anything definitive claiming that the diesel Grand Cherokee will come with the new 8-speed transmission right away. I fully expect that the gas powered models will get the 8-speed but considering that the current UK Grand Cherokee diesel packs a 5-speed automatic and our version is supposed to be similar - it is hard to say. The report on the introduction in Detroit didnt reference the transmission and in hunting around, a 6-speed auto seems to be the popular rumor. If anyone has some proof one way or the other, feel free to email me at Patrick (at) Your Auto 411.com.
With that much torque an 8 speed really wouldn't be necessary. I would rather have a 6 speed if it is stronger. Typically the more gears you have the weaker the transmission (if you hold outside dimensions the same).
Now, it's not the same car, but If you look at the 3.0 V6 diesel Touareg, the gain in MPG is pretty substantial (>20%) between the 6 speed and 8 speed transmissions. If the goal is to have a more efficient vehicle, which is a substantial part of the allure for a smaller diesel, then one would hope they would jump to the 8 speed.
People always argue that 8 speeds aren't good for anything but improved torque. The fact that the vehicle can run lower rpms at cruising speeds is a pretty good benefit in terms of MPG with more gears....