Mitsubishi Eclipse, Endeavor production to end in August

Mitsubishi Motors has been struggling in the US market amidst a frenzy of rumors that some popular models will be getting the axe in the next few years but according to a report by AutoWeek, some of the automakers longest-running models in the US will see an end to production as soon as August.

It looks to be near-official that as of August 2011, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder and the Endeavor SUV will cease production at the company’s facility in Normal, Illinois. In addition to these two models (three if you count the drop-top Eclipse Spyder as its own model), the long-running Mitsubishi Galant will likely also meet its demise in the next year or so with the company decision to be “made later”.

Through the 1990s, the Mitsubishi Eclipse made a name for itself as the dominant force in the booming sport compact segment thanks to a sturdy turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an all-wheel drive system that afforded the car fantastic acceleration and handling. Whether it is on the drag strip or the off-road rally course, the Mitsubishi Eclipse (and the sibling vehicles, the Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon) developed an incredible reputation for fairly inexpensive high performance. My winter vehicle is a near-stock 1992 Plymouth Laser RS-T (all wheel drive, turbo, limited slip differential) and along with quarter mile times in the low 14 second range it makes for an unstoppable force in the snow.


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