Mazda recalling Mazda6 due to spiders causing fuel tank failure

Mazda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced a recall of 2009-2010 Mazda6 sedans for a possible blockage in the fuel systems evaporative systems caused by spiders – that’s right…spiders.

It seems that the evaporative canister vent line in the 2009-2010 Mazda6 sedan is an ideal home for a certain breed of spider. While Mazda does not mention what type of spider or if there are certain geographic locations most likely to deal with this problem, these spiders can crawl into the system and their web is thick enough to cause an obstruction in the canister vent line.

Over time as the canister is purged during regular operation of the Mazda6, the blockage in the vent line can cause repeated, extreme vacuum pressure to the fuel tank and that can cause the fuel tank to crack. The cracked tank can leak, obviously increasing the likelihood of a fire and for those who park their Mazda6 in a garage, the fumes from the leaking gas tank can create problems of their own.


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