The Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Tricolore

The Lamborghini Gallardo replacement should pack RWD, AWD, less variants

Little is known about the supercar set to replace the current Lamborghini Gallardo but thanks to a discussion between Lamborghini America COO Michael Lock and the folks at Car & Driver – we have some insight into what we can expect when the new “entry level” Lambo arrives in the next few years.

First and foremost, the 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo replacement, currently rumored to be named Cabrera, will likely be offered as both a coupe and an open-air roadster. More importantly to some, the Gallardo replacement will come equipped with either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive configurations. There has been no concrete proof of what will power the Cabrera (or whatever Lamborghini chooses to name the new supercar) but rumors suggest that it will be a revised version of the V10 currently at use in the Gallardo. Like the Gallardo, the Cabrera will feature a mid-engine placement and like the other modern Lamborghini models – there will be no true manual transmission. Much like the awesome Aventador, the Cabrera will use a dual clutch transmission to put the power to the road and while that high tech transmission is every bit as precise and efficient as the best manual along with offering quicker shifts – the lack of a clutch pedal will be a reason to complain for some purists.


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