The Jeep Compass to be discontinued in 2014

The Jeep Compass has seen a spike in sales since receiving the front end redesign that allowed it to look like a mini Grand Cherokee but come late 2014 – the Compass will be no more.

Sergio Marchionne stated recently that the Jeep Compass would continue being built at the same Belvidere Assembly Plant as the Jeep Patriot and the awesome new Dodge Dart until August 2014 but at that point, the compact Compass will be discontinued. This move comes as a part of the Chrysler Group’s effort to remove redundancy within the company and considering that the Compass based on the same chassis as the stronger selling Jeep Patriot – removing the Compass from the lineup shouldn’t have much negative impact on sales. The Patriot has outsold the Compass through the first 4 months of 2012 by better than 66%, with almost 9,000 more examples of the Patriot sold than the Compass.


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I have no problem with the discontinuation of the Compass, the exterior and the driver's view did not appeal to me at all. The rest of the vehicle is a clone to the Patriot which I purchased in Nov. 2012. I really like my Patriot Sport(4X4, CVT, 2.4L) and if Jeep does stop the production of Patriot, I will probably not buy another Jeep. I have been reading about the Chevy Captiva and they look really good and are on my radar(the next new car in 2 yrs. will be my wife's).
The Compass is a great vehicle. Big mistake if you discontinue them. Not many can afford the Jeep Grand Cherokee so they buy the Compass as it truly does resemble the Grand Cherokee and is more affordable.
a bought a jeep compass 2014 model does the discontinueing mean my fututure trade in value decreases in the next couple of years