Hyundai teases the ARK Performance Veloster Alpine Edition ahead of SEMA

SEMA is just 12 days away and today we get out second look at a car modified by the folks at ARK Performance with their take on the unique 4-door Korean hatchback in the form of the Hyundai Veloster Alpine Edition.

The ARK Performance Veloster Alpine Edition is based on the base (non-turbocharged) version of the sporty little Veloster although the image on the right looks a great deal like a customized version of the Veloster Turbo. This is due to the heavy amount of external modifications from ARK Performance that are accompanied by improvements inside and under the hood for a unique, high performance version of the efficient Veloster.

“Our Veloster Alpine concept reflects the diverse lifestyle versatility we envisioned in the original Veloster concept,” said Ted Lee, owner of ARK performance, Inc. “This extreme sports coupe concept will appeal to winter sports enthusiasts who love to carve the snow as much as a twisty canyon road.”


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