Mary Barra

GM's Boy's Club has Thrown Mary Barra to the Government Wolves

There was much jubilation when it was announced that Mary Barra was named the first female CEO of a major global automaker – making her the most powerful woman in the world – but as Barra has become the face of the GM ignition cylinder recalls, it looks more and more each day like the “boy’s club” at GM has offered her up to be sacrificed for the mistakes of past company leaders.

It is no secret that the auto industry is one ruled predominantly by men and while there have certainly been other high ranking women in the automotive world; none have climbed to the level of General Motors’ Chief Executive Officer like Mary Barra. Her introduction as the first Queen of GM was met with much excitement as she had done what no woman in the industry before had done. For the first time ever, we would get to see an experienced woman lead one of the biggest automakers in the world as they climbed out of the grip of government control through the bailout loans. Unfortunately, the excitement over Barra’s introduction has faded quickly as she has been tasked with guiding the company through the ignition cylinder recall problems and while some people are calling this baptism by fire – I view it more as the men of GM throwing her to the wolves. Barra has been left to defend the company because the men who had previously run the company didn’t have the guts to do so.


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When you take the top job you take the responsibility. She worked at GM her whole adult life. Including the Old GM she now wants to blame. She was an engineer. She managed supply chains. Her dad worked at GM. I cannot feel bad for her because she is a female. Mark Ruess wakes up every day looks in the mirror and thanks fate (and - or reverse gender bias) that he was picked as number two. He will take over as number one after she is gone. He too was is a lifer ,and I think his dad also worked at GM. I just wish Mary would come right out and tell congress to screw and remind them they bailed out this mess of a company. Any money GM pays out is taxpayer money anyway. So let's get on with the ritual sacrifice.
I realize this article is old, but you can't possibly still believe this given all the evidence that has since come to light (and even just her resume). Right? Barra is not some neophyte plucked from the obscurity of middle management. She has been a high level GM executive for years and was earned of sudden losses in power sterling in the recalled cars that could cause crashes (the words of the engineering underling who warned her) back in 2011.