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GM shows growth in May 2012 while Cadillac falters

General Motors bounced back from a shaky April to post an 11% gain in May 2012 compared to the year before but things weren’t all upsides for GM as Cadillac continued to struggle.

Three of the four existing General Motors brands showed positive year over year growth in May 2012 but as a whole, GM was one of the lesser performing automaker groups in the US last month in terms of growth. However, with 245,256 vehicles sold, GM was the top automaker in the US in terms of sales volume and ultimately – all that matters is how many cars you sell.

GMC was the top brand from General Motors in terms of year over year growth, with 38,877 trucks and sport utility vehicles accounting for an improvement of 19% compared to last May. GMC was led in growth by the compact Canyon pickup with 910 units sold bringing about a 60.8% increase in sales while the Acadia was second with a jump of 31.8% and the Sierra pickup was third with a 22.7% increase. In terms of sales, the Sierra pickup was the top model with 13,196 trucks sold followed by the Acadia with 9,128 crossovers sold and the compact Terrain sent out 8,772 units to place third.


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