Buick Verano

General Motors Considering Diesel Powered Buick Verano and Encore

In an effort to both set itself apart from Cadillac while also taking a shot at some European competitors, General Motors may introduce a diesel engine to the Buick lineup in the next few years – most likely under the hood of the compact Verano or Encore.

The introduction of a diesel powered Buick would not only grab some attention in the consumer market that has traditionally been reserved for the likes of the Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes Benz. More importantly, it would bring greater levels of power and efficiency to a lineup that is very nice – but could certainly use more power to help it stand out from the competition from around the world. The sources haven’t gone into any detail as to which models would pack the new diesel engine but the new Encore compact crossover and the compact Verano sedan are the two vehicles that would make the most sense.


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I think it will take a couple of years, but having driven the Cruze Diesel, I think it will do well. It's very nicely outfitted, gets phenomenal mileage, and debunks most of the initial impressions many Americans seem to have about diesel vehicles.