Ford tops everyone in March 2011 sales, Lincoln still struggles

Ford Motor Company sold 212,777 vehicles in the month of March, giving the company a 19.2% gain over March 2010 but more importantly, in selling this many vehicles, Ford Motor Company was the sales leader in the US market with the Ford brand leading the way.

Ford Motor Company ranked behind Chrysler, Nissan, American Honda, Kia/Hyundai and the BMW group among major automotive groups in terms of percentage of growth but with 212,777 vehicles sold, FoMoCo easily outsold their next nearest competitor (GM with 206,621). These big numbers were thanks mostly to the Ford brand, with the 204,276 units sold throughout March accounting for a 28.2% gain over last March. Unfortunately, with just 8,501 units sold, the luxurious Lincoln brand saw a drop of 2.2% from last year.


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