The mystery Mustang coming to SEMA

Ford teases mystery Mustang and "big news" ahead of 2012 SEMA Show

Ford Motor Company released the ultra close up image shown on the right earlier today, proclaiming that they had “big news” at the 2012 SEMA Show and asking fans of their Facebook page to guess what this news might be in relation to what is very likely the hood of some special Ford Mustang.

While the image on the right really doesn’t give us a very good look at the vehicle in question, the object on the left side of the image appears to be the hood vent of the 2013 Ford Mustang GT and Mustang Boss 302 – leaving me to believe that this “big news” pertains to a mighty Mustang. Of course, Ford could just as easily mount the Mustang GT/Boss 302 hood vent onto any other vehicle in the company lineup (especially for a show like SEMA) but unless FoMoCo is playing some crazy mind games with their Facebook fans, common logic would suggest that we are looking at an extreme close up of a Ford Mustang. We can also see a hood stripe that is predominantly black with blue and grey (maybe silver) smaller stripes and it should be noted that these stripes are nothing like those offered on any of the current production Mustangs including the Boss 302.

So what is the big news surrounding the mysterious white Ford Mustang?


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It's the ecoboost stripe with a GT vent so it's likely an ecoboost mustang. Wonder if thats going to be the hook for the 14 mustangs and which ecoboost it will be, 4,6,8 pot...
What a stupid name for a Mustang: "Ecoboost". I'm sure to get a reply from Ford's lame marketing department, something like, Well you know, our research confirms that Mustang owners are really really positive about you know, the ecoboost name...blah blah blah. Yeah sure uh-huh. Are you the same numbnuts group that introduced the Edsel, rolled out drivers side sliding van doors and integrated child seats long after everyone else? Are you the same idiots that validated the worst color in the history of 4 wheels, amber gold metallic?
I own Ford stock and many family members work there. Problem with the Mustang is the same problem we have with the mindset of Ford Management. The car is getting too big for its' britches. Sales are less that half of what they were 5 years ago. Hello!!! Anyone home???