The 2011 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

Ford recalls F150, Mustang, SUVs for automatic transmission problems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a new recall of select Ford F150, Ford Mustang, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles over a concern that the automatic transmission may not go into reverse or when in reverse, the backup lights will not come on – posing a threat to other motorists and pedestrians alike.

This new Ford automatic transmission recall pertains specifically to 2011-2012 Ford F150 pickups, 2012-2013 Ford Mustang coupes and convertibles and the 2012 Ford Expedition and 2012 Lincoln Navigator full size sport utes that share a common platform and drivetrain – all of which are obviously fitted with Ford’s 6-speed automatic transmission. In total, this new recall affects around 10,500 vehicles. The NHTSA bulletin doesn’t go into detail on specific build dates for the vehicles or automatic transmissions but considering the incredible number of Ford F150 pickups produced and sold in 2011 and 2012 (Ford sold almost 2,000 F Series trucks PER DAY in April 2012)…it is very obvious that only a small group of vehicles are included in this recall.

In the Ford F150, Mustang, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models affected by this new recall, the transmission range sensor (TRS) may be calibrated out of specification for the reverse gear. Because of this possible incorrect calibration, the vehicle may not shift into reverse when prompted by the driver and in some cases; the vehicle could go into reverse but the backup indicator lights will not illuminate. This puts the various trucks, sport utility vehicles and Mustangs in violation of multiple Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards including No. 102 “Transmission shift level sequence, starter interlock and transmission braking effect” and No. 108 “Lamps reflective devices and associated equipment”.


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wow i never remember any gm recalls making front page news on here for 5 days straight
I have a 2008 Ford F-150 STX with a 5.4 l engine that has the same transmission problem. Are there any recalls on that year truck?
I have a 2011 Automatic ford mustang premium n it jerks after coming to a complete stop, and when it chanes into 2nd and 3rd there is a jerk as well.