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Ford finishes strong in December 2012 and things should get better in 2013

Ford Motor Company finished with a positive growth in December 2012 which helped to contribute to positive sales growth for the 2012 calendar year but thanks to an array of new models on sale now and more arriving over the next few months, 2013 could be a much stronger year for the Blue Oval crew.

December 2012 was a pretty so-so month for Ford Motor Company with the Lincoln brand posting negative growth and the Ford brand posting the lowest growth rate of those brands on the positive side of the ball. The good news is that with 206,838 vehicles sold last month, the Ford brand is the bestselling name in the US market. Things weren’t so great for Lincoln as the luxury arm of FoMoCo continued to struggle with a lineup that has grown a bit stale over the past year.

Overall, 2012 was a pretty good year for the Motor Company with the Ford brand being the only single brand in the US to top 2 million sales in 2012 – beating Toyota by nearly 300,000 units. Ford didn’t post a huge growth but their increase was enough to make them America’s bestselling brand for 2012. Not surprisingly, the Lincoln brand was among the worst in terms of growth for 2012, beating only Suzuki and Mitsubishi but with the company promising new Lincoln models soon – things should improve for the luxury brand in the coming year.


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