Ford F150 fuel tank strap investigation expanded

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that their 2010 investigation of the Ford F150 for fuel tank strap failure issues has been expanded from the 1.4 million initially included to over 2.7 million.

The NHTSA hasn’t indicated exactly what caused the huge spike in 1997-2001 Ford F150 models included in the ongoing investigation, but the federal agency has announced that the scope of this fuel tank strap failure investigation has nearly doubled from their original estimate.

The investigation opened last September, after the NHTSA had received 32 complaints about the straps holding the fuel tank to the chassis rusted to the point of failure. Since then, that number has ballooned to 306 complaints made to both Ford and the NHTSA, causing the agency to expand their investigation. In 243 of the complaints, the fuel tank straps broke and the tank was dragging on the ground under the vehicle and in 95 cases, the dragging and impact caused fuel leakage. Recently, these strap failures have caused two vehicle fires – one of which totally destroyed the vehicle.


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hello just saw this and my truck a 2001 f150 4x4 strap broke put big hole in tank this was yesterday 6-1-11 i work in winchester ky. live in huntington wv. had to bum ride back home last night truck still there lost a whole tank of fuel and at 4.00 gallon thats pretty pissy and 2 hours from home, had to order new tank and straps wont be in until sat morning thats means driving back down on day off, buying dads gas, time fixing it, filling my truck up because i lost all my gas,anybody with any responce ?
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