A pair of Fiat 500 Abarth coupes

Fiat suspends business in Iran to support anti-nuclear effort

We previously brought you the news that both Porsche and Hyundai had suspended their business operations in Iran to show support for the global anti-nuclear campaign but the biggest hit yet came this weekend as Fiat SpA announced that they would cease operations in Iran effective immediately.

Fiat SpA announced that they were suspending all activities related to business in Iran, including their vehicles and components. The official reason for suspending business in Iran was to “support the international efforts for a diplomatic solution of the issues relating to the relations with Iran”. For those unaware, Iran is openly working with nuclear weapon technology but two groups – the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) group and New York City Public Advocate Bill De Blasio – have been working to suffocate the middle eastern nation’s auto industry in an effort to force Iran to end their nuclear program.


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Yet more pointless grandstanding.